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I'd be scared too

But see, I know how to help:

Just learn to smile, and everything will be better!

There is no animation

So yeah, I wasn't all that much into the whole slideshow thing myself.

Plus, as numerous reviews have pointed out, Link and co. are all animals, which is a bit of a "uh, what?"

So this was not my thing but I bet other people will like it.

It's just what 2 says though, "nothing new or interesting"

Woah since when was SS still around?

Like a good ol' blast from the past...

That being said, this needed a little more crude humor. End was funny though.

It's alright

I think the writing and the observations are funny, and i laughed.

However, the character models are beyond stiff and everything moved pretty awkwardly. This can be forgiven I suppose but it's still worth pointing out because it can really detract from the flash itself.

As well some of the colors don't really jive with me... Something about that stock flash gradient has always rubbed me the wrong way...

But I'm sure you don't care.

Like I said, it's funny, I just think the character models are pretty bad, lol.

Not bad

At the least it's fairly creative and somewhat fun to watch, all things considered.

Again, you animate very well despite the very-limited palette and very sparse settings, and the drawings are very skillfully done.

However, and this is no knock against it, I somehow feel that if this was done in the style of Jan Svankmajer's stop-motion, it would have benefited quite a bit (I say it because this seems like something he would do, no?).

Still pretty short and a little bit out there (numbers, wuh?), but it wasn't bad.

well, the hands are well-drawn

It's a good thing you escaped your shallow high school culture of materialism, conformity, and hedonism (clearly represented in the spider) and found freedom in Jesus and His message (clearly represented by you "letting go" of your former dead-end life).

Unless you wanted it to be an angsty teen art movie, then...

yeah, that's about all i can get out of this. Like I said, the hands are well drawn, and I think the body falling to the ground was done nicely. As well, I think you clearly know how to animate (and draw human anatomy!) and that is more than what i can say for 99% of the site...

But even with all that, this was not very fun nor intellectually stimulating -for me- to watch, sorry. It's just not very lively.

I'm sure for school, it'll be more than good, though.


I liked the part where he was in Gondor

Surprisingly enjoyable

Yeah, the animation wasn't smooth nor the greatest, however, unlike a bajillion other people on this site, you are actually aware that animating means moving things around; you know, so that things look ANIMATED.

And that is a very praiseworthy feat.

So yeah, even if things looked a little stiff, I loved how the little guy walked around, climbed things, walked past glass bottles, and all those little fun things that make flash and cartoons in general fun to watch. I give you high props for that, considering how as I said, most people do not realize that it doesn't matter how melodramatic you make your flash, if it's not fun to watch, then it's not worth watching. As I said, great job.

The only thing I feel you could've touched up upon is that you used that falling animation a bit too much; I think you could have shown him falling from a different angle or in a different way or something, in order to spice things up a bit.

But other than that, I thought the music choices were good, the animation was fun to watch, and that over all this was a solid and likable effort.
Keep up the good work, and keep improving your skills!

RatherWilde responds:

Thank you for that, i'm going to try and improve the animation next time , and i thanks for the comment on the falling animation :)

the facial expressions save this

Of course the animation wasn't all that great, but I feel like the facial expressions and reactions of the various atoms (my particular favorites were the noble gases) towards chemical bonding made this enjoyable enough and not just a drab and boring slideshow, which is very well what it could have been.

There were enough little bits of humor in there to keep it from being boring (or should I say Bohring?) and making it fun to watch.

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