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I'd be scared too

But see, I know how to help:

Just learn to smile, and everything will be better!

There is no animation

So yeah, I wasn't all that much into the whole slideshow thing myself.

Plus, as numerous reviews have pointed out, Link and co. are all animals, which is a bit of a "uh, what?"

So this was not my thing but I bet other people will like it.

It's just what 2 says though, "nothing new or interesting"

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Not bad.

Graphics are pretty low-key, and I wish it was a bit clear what your hit-box exactly was.

From the amount I played, the bullet patterns were fairly decent. I wish there was more variety in your offensive capabilities though. Focusing the attack was not really a big step up from normal shot.

I wasn't a fan of the music, sorry.

All in all, a respectable effort.

One word: "Slick"

You seem to have taken a Space Invaders aesthetic and combined it with some wickedly fun bullet pattens. The neat evolving mechanic makes this game stand out from other NG shooters (though the king of NG shmups for me will always be Raiden X... if that's still around, check that out!).

While being a curmudgeony neophyte shmup fan (only really getting into the genre with the purchase of my Sega Saturn), the gameplay I can attest is spot-on. While I would have liked to see what it would be like to move with the arrow keys or something else, the mouse movement works for what it needs to do.

The music, while not entirely my cup of tea, had some genuinely good tracks, and complimented some of the action very well.

The people who say this needs "better graphics" are idiots, plain and simple. The game has an aesthetic, and that's not something "graphics" can improve or detract. I am not entirely sure what the whole procedurally-randomly-generated enemy thing was all about, since after a while i only saw the same types of enemies. I dunno, but hey it sounds cool.

The only real complaint I could possibly have is that in the early levels, things are so mellow that you can pretty much stand still and beat the level. This lasts roughly the first third of the game, until you say, get your pods, or the first 'boss'. Now, the evolving mechanic keeps this from getting to be a drag, but you might lose potential players since it doesn't "start out with a bang", so to speak. If you are worried that this is a problem; don't, if my 9 is any indication.

The later levels are frantic, and I appreciated the inclusion of a screen wiping bomb... and was impressed by the clever introduction of the walls to keep the Redrum from being useful in those lonely bullet-infested stretches.

I mentioned before the concept of "aesthetic." This game has a lot of it. Clearly the creator loves shmups, perhaps stuff by Cave, Toaplan, Treasure, or ZUN (I prefer Taito shooters myself). Heck, the WARNING siren even comes with Japanese underneath it, so clearly you knew what you were aiming for. The little touches like that might go unnoticed, but to a shmup fan, it makes the game irresistible, and a great, short, concentrated experience of fun.

Well done for such a finely-crafted game.

Squize responds:

Thank you so much for this review mate. And yes, Raiden X is the daddy ( I did do a game called "Polarity" which is on here somewhere, which was more a traditional vertical shooter, but too many things were taken out of my hands and it didn't turn out how I wanted it to, so I've pretty much dis-owned it ).

Great sense of progression

the jumps are difficult and a little frustrating, but never TOO difficult and out of the way, and the feeling you get as you become more and more powerful and able to overcome obstacles is a good one indeed.

The platforming is for the most part smart, the pixels are well placed, the music is pretty catchy, and the pacing of the game is good enough to where backtracking was ALMOST annoying and boring, but it didn't really get there because you always knew where you could find more pixels and boost your pixel-count.

Great game!

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I love the sounds you use in this set - they sound very much like Gameboy pulse waves, which are the best in terms of chip-sounds, in my opinion.

In fact, this sounds pretty much like it came from an Amiga computer from way-back-when.

The song itself is substantive, and I like the jazzy stuff towards the end, and really builds to a nice satisfying climax.

Calamaistr responds:

you know what to expect ;)

Hot damn, some good stuff.

I absolutely love the little break at :24 and 1:24, it really bridges things together and on its own is pretty great - some really pleasant harmonies and extended intervals.

Calamaistr responds:

sweets in the rough :)

Sweet, a 3/4 chiptune. Don't see those every day.

The chords here are really rich and warm, and I love their sound. The stuff 1:25ish is really excellent - loving the little bits floating around here and there, and the fake "reverb" that I love in chiptunes so much.

Sweet super stuff.

Calamaistr responds:

thanks buddy, i also love that fake reverb, n fact i make all effects manually, never use a single filter when i make 8bit ;)

A freelance composer well-versed in sega genesis FM synth-songs, a little bit of chiptune here and there, as well as a wide variety of styles perfect for cinematic scenes, or video-game soundtracks. Don't hesitate to contact me for your projects.

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