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A freelance composer well-versed in sega genesis FM synth-songs, a little bit of chiptune here and there, as well as a wide variety of styles perfect for cinematic scenes, or video-game soundtracks. Don't hesitate to contact me for your projects.

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Need AUTHENTIC 8bit and 16bit Music tracks for your Game Project? LOOK NO FURTHER

Posted by EmperorCharlemagne - March 18th, 2012

Any yahoo can make a fake-sounding 16bit songs with a few plugin instruments; any wahoo can cobble together a song with square-waves and call it 8bit.


You don't want that; you care about AUTHENTIC, HONEST-TO-GOODNESS wholesome chiptune music,because you want your game project to look, sound, and FEEL like it came fresh off the hardware!

You care about that type of quality. You've tried the rest... Now hear the best.

EmperorCharlemagne promises that any type of game music you need for your SNES/Genesis/NES/TGFX-16 tributes, if you so need it, will be made with love and care. These tracks will run on the actual hardware itself!

Take a listen:
8-bit NES-styled track!
Sega-Genesis Track emulating hardware soundchip!
Real 16bit!
Crafted to sound like the best of the SNES!

Of course, I make more than just chiptunes and 16bit music, so I am no one-trick pony! (NO PONIES TO BE FOUND HERE)
But when you are making your game, or video, or anything that you need music for, or if you just want to jam to the tunes of yesteryear, do not hesitate to contact me through Private Message. I'm hear to make your awesome projects SOUND AWESOME.

Happy Listening, gamers and programmers of Newgrounds!
(INCLUDED: A badass poster of the 80s arcade game METAL SOLDIER ISAAC II)

Need AUTHENTIC 8bit and 16bit Music tracks for your Game Project? LOOK NO FURTHER

Comments (6)

I can't use these. I need something that can produce rock and roll sounds for my game. Music Maker sounds like a good choice to me. Just have to get the legal stuff sorted out.

but.. does this mean my music is any yahoo? :-;

nugga yo music is full on tight yahoo

hohhh!!! this charlemagne, look him.

he spoke like the voice of ye god and lest be a voice of ye god the voice of reasonings!!!

welcome back btw, now go make more genesis music for me to listen to. :p
(and try making bw era gameboy music aswell)

Ask and ye shall receive~

eeeemperoooor, why dont i see new musics on ur profile ;_;

been busy with college finals, as well as some super secret music projects with deadlines closin' in.

Despite this, I still managed to make a new musics for enjoying ear listenings~

not enough new musics, i will brew a cauldron to summon thee..

wheres your new musiccccssss omg my emperor i miss not being able to dance to your new musics.