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A freelance composer well-versed in sega genesis FM synth-songs, a little bit of chiptune here and there, as well as a wide variety of styles perfect for cinematic scenes, or video-game soundtracks. Don't hesitate to contact me for your projects.

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Fare thee well, Calamaistr.

Posted by EmperorCharlemagne - December 6th, 2010

A real BRO and all-around cool guy left the audio portal, taking his music with him.

Take care, dude: you were one of my fav artists on the site.

For you, a DOLEMITE fist-pound is in order.

Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold.

PS Naw your 8bit music was always better than mine :p

Fare thee well, Calamaistr.

Comments (3)

Yeah, I truly did enjoy "ripping off" his track I Have A Potion. But no more, he's moved on to better things. I wish him the best of luck and I hope I can find my copy of that track...

I had a lot of his songs in my favorites, but only downloaded one of them. Which kinda sucks, as they WERE nice to listen to.

Maybe he'll make it big one day. That'd be cool.

hey, big good nice cute sweet news for you.

I know its been a while and let me tell you im gonna stay far away from the forums unless i can get a new client there (i do look at newsposts and requests there)
And my 'scores' are completely ignored by me and i wont beg for reviews anymore on the forums either.

I 'am however sharing my music again regardless of people minding it.

Currently the full 'the many faces of' album is on newgrounds and soon im going to blow everyone away with my new album in the works 'a good play'.
Wich for a change is a happy tune album with bells and guitar. (especially the last track i made is good trust me)

I also have a lot of ready 8bit tunes ill upload after that so check back. :]

I must say im very pleasantly suprised to see this newspost of yours, very flattered and it makes me happy to see someone really cared about me and my music.

So stay in contact with me if you want :)

I've been staying away from this place myself; been kinda doing just about everything besides music for a while (mainly because of focusing on school), but I'm glad to see you still are around making your rockin' tunes.

sad to see youre not active yourself atm, be a bro at school and come back triple awesome my man, p.s. ive been reviewing your latest uploads. greets -cal.