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A freelance composer well-versed in sega genesis FM synth-songs, a little bit of chiptune here and there, as well as a wide variety of styles perfect for cinematic scenes, or video-game soundtracks. Don't hesitate to contact me for your projects.

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EmperorCharlemagne's News

Posted by EmperorCharlemagne - July 29th, 2010

While I search for a way to competently and easily make NES sprites, I took the time to come up with two tracks:

Orion Space Station

-This is a chiptune for a game idea that is something of megaman rip-off. I can't help it, I do love me that Blue Bomber! And who doesn't adore Roll?
Great games, great games!

This Lovely Feelin'
This is more of a funky riff I first thought of on the piano, and then I expanded it into a four-instrument set. I think I should have had a sax or a guitar, but eh. It's still good, don't you worry!

Both of these have been in my head for a while, so it's a relief to get them out and make room for other things. Check them out, and rate and review honestly if you get the chance!

First two new tracks in a while!

Posted by EmperorCharlemagne - July 10th, 2010

What better way to celebrate than checking out my two tracks for one of my projects!

That's right, I'm talking about




You can also check out its companion track, Far from Finished! too!

And top it all off with my latest greatest, El Hombre Toro!

These are all good ol' fashioned [pseudo] 8bit pieces, which are really catchy!

Surprisingly, these songs have actually done well in the ol' ratings department, which is a big surprise for me.

So take a listen and Happy Robot Day!

pic related to robots:

Celebrate Robot Day by listening to these two robot-inspired tracks!

Posted by EmperorCharlemagne - May 22nd, 2010

Oh yeah, especially with the completion of my latest greatest one-hit wonder, MechaKnight!
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /334815

Take a listen and affirm my grooviness!

Oh and I'm also learning the rudimentary basics of game programming, so who knows, you might see this and my other music in actual games.

Won't that be a riot?

I am in the groove now, baby

Posted by EmperorCharlemagne - May 6th, 2010

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /330772

This is part of a small multi-track project I am doing, tentatively titled "Anya." I hope to make this into a game, of course with all original music by myself (if possible... I'm a slow music-maker!).

This is the track for the first level.

I got myself the freeware program Construct and I am starting to fiddle around with it and learn things, so who knows, this actually might see completion unlike the rest of my dreams!

Give the track a listen and review and rate honestly! I am always looking to improve!

A new track released... Take a listen if you like retro-inspired songs!

Posted by EmperorCharlemagne - April 30th, 2010

Been playing a lot of Cave Story, a lot of Half Life 2, a lot of Secret of Mana (woot!), and writing a lot of papers. I think by Monday, I will have written about 35 pages in a span of a week. That leaves little time for sleep.

Anyone who has foolishly been a fan of my music will take heart in knowing that I am on the verge of summer, and summer means getting things done, right?


In the meantime, here is a song that I never released on Newgrounds. It's jazzy, it's fun, and it's probably my best.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /329313

Also yes, I am not a communist. Just making that clear.

For those curious, I am still alive and still not a communist

Posted by EmperorCharlemagne - January 5th, 2010

So I am reading this book by E R Eddison, a fantasy novel that predates The Lord of the Rings (and before all of those shitty Tolkien imitators entered the fray) and I must say, it's a pretty inspiring book. It's often written in Middle English, like instead of King Gorice it says Kynge Goryce, and mostly it's written in Jacobean English. The characters are larger than life, and the villains are some of the greatest and most magnificent bastards I have ever encountered in fantasy fiction. If a fantasy fan wants to see what fantasy was like before Tolkien came around to have every half-wit copy him, I'd definitely recommend reading The Worm Ouroboros. It is, in short, a rewarding experience.

But more than that, the book has inspired me as well. Adventure and all that, you see.
So I am going to work on a collection of orchestral songs to be compiled into an EP, with all music based on the characters and locales of this excellent novel.

I tell this so any literati out there might know, as well as a reminder to myself... Here is my planned tracklist:

1. Many-Mountained Demonland:
an opening fanfare, perfect for proclaiming the glory and greatness of the main characters (who spend a good portion of the book doing just that)

2. The Red Foliot:
A short string quartet, mainly a slow piece, that gives the first hints of the dastardly Lord Gro's Lietmotif.

3. The Lords of Witchland:
An abrasive march that fits perfectly for the utter scoundrels that are the dukes Corsus, Corund, Corinius, and Laxus. Also contains the lietmotif of Gorice the XII., the heartless king of Witchland.

4. Lord Gro:
For the man dedicated to the nobility of failure, I was thinking of something of a shortish piano sonata, in the Second Viennese style (probably drawing on Berg more than anyone else). I have high hopes for this one.

5. Impland; Koshtra Pivarcha:
For the primal, lawless, and wild Impland, I think I'll take a bit of a jungle approach... with appropriate instrumentation and rhythm. When the Lords of Demonland reach the impossibly high mountain of Koshtra Pivarcha, the song ascends to dizzying heights, losing all sense of time and place.

6. Krothering and Lady Mevrian:
Gotta support the ladies, now, don't I? This song will also contain subtle hints of Lord Gro's theme as well. Mainly a work of wind and strings.

7. The Last Conjuring in Carce:
Things come to a head in this climactic and monumental clash at the great fortress of Gorice in Carce, as the Demons, through many trials and tribulations, finally turn back the tide of Gorice's armies to the very heart of Witchland itself. A cornered king does something rash, and desperation fills the air.

8. The Worm Ouroboros, A Suite:
This song, dedicated to the great and terrible endless worm, will contain ideas and motifs from all the previous songs. It ends as it began, for truly, the Worm Ouroboros eateth its own tale, and thus it hath no beginning nor end.

This, like all my other albums, will be posted on my Last.fm page, linked here. Visit that page for a listing of all my albums released thus far (all free for download!), as well as tracks there that were not uploaded to newgrounds.

Plans for a new EP... "The Worm Ouroboros"

Posted by EmperorCharlemagne - January 2nd, 2010

Don't you agree?

Mass Effect for like, $5, Orange Box for $20, and Rome Total War for like $2.

Great deals, all.

However, there is a series that Adventure fans should check out: The Space Quest Anthology by Sierra. 6 classic PC adventure games for cheap. Sierra always made the best Adventure games, and the funniest too. Also check out the King's Quest Anthology.

Hurray for holidays!

Posted by EmperorCharlemagne - November 8th, 2009

I am proud to announce my latest project has come to its completion!

My album, Nowhere to Go but Forward is now there for free download and listening:

http://www.last.fm/music/Emperor+Charl emagne/Nowhere+to+Go+but+Forward

Enjoy; a few tracks are on here as well, but there are several exclusive tracks.

Here are links to the Tracks:

Fruitless Dream
Tears of a River
The Greatest Magician in the World
The Pitiful Ending of Royalty
Inconstant Madness
Almost Rivals
At the Edge of Night
Organ Grinder

A new free album release... video-game music free for download!

Posted by EmperorCharlemagne - November 1st, 2009

For those brave intrepid souls that actually dare to visit my page, any song made before Piano Study 2 (or some would argue, Abscied mein Traum) is guaranteed to mostly suck.

I say this so that those with an interested ear can listen to things after those songs (or the songs themselves... I like Piano study 2!).

That is all...

All right, that is.

A cautionary post

Posted by EmperorCharlemagne - October 19th, 2009

Just pointing that out, because people seem to be sending me an awful lot of PMs asking me of all people to review their song.

I don't know why because sometimes i don't even know why they ask me. But here I am, trying to give some sound and insightful advice with every song I listen to.

So there ya have it; I put off reviews. And if you send me a PM, can we at least have the pleasure of knowing each other a bit first? I don't like random requests.

I do most of my audio reviews on Tuesdays